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Abstrakt House - Insitu Architecture - France

Abstrakt House - Insitu Architecture - France



Nicolas Vernoux-Thélot graduated from ENSAV (Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Versailles) in 1999 with a DPLG degree in architecture and from Paris VIII University in 2000 with a master degree in hypermedia.From 2001 to 2003, he worked in renowned international architecture firms such as Eisenman Architect in New York.In 2003, he started his own practice based in Paris and in 2008, he created his firm : IN SITU ARCHITECTURE.His work has been featured in many architecture and design publications. In 2010, he received the prestigious French award, the “Prix Public des Architectures Contemporaines de la Métropole Parisienne ».The firm currently has projects in France and abroad that include different programm such as residential housing, resort, office, villa...

Project Description

This design brief consists of restoring an old barn located on farmland just outside the town of Rudelle, known as “Les Levades”, on the road that leads out of town. The barn consists of two levels: one partially underground and one under roofing approximately seven meters high with a magnificent frame of “exposed oak beams” that rests on a semi-circle of supporting legs. This project creates a minimalist living space inside the barn to take advantage of the structure already in place. The entryway is located on the partially buried? level through a large “skylight” staircase that leads up to the living space. The remainder of the inner surface is remodeled as a pool with a view overlooking the entire depth of the barn and its frame. This project plays on the contrast between the new living space and the original space through the use of height and the employment of innovative construction materials. The resulting harmony is a palimpsest of the previous “writing” overlain with a new one that pays homage to the site’s memory as a barn while emphasizing its new function as a home.


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