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Announcing the Winners for 2022-2023 Europe 40under40 Architecture and Design Award
Announcing the Winners for 2022-2023 Europe 40under40 Architecture and Design Award

We are thrilled to unveil the winners of the Europe 40 Under 40® program for 2022-2023, the world's most promising figures in the fields of architecture and design and their standing-out and out-of-box projects. 

During these challenging times, it is crucial to keep insightful visions alive and to light the flame of progress and architectural innovation. Presenting Europe’s most hopeful personalities in the fields of architecture and design is what gives us hope for a better tomorrow.

The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design are delighted to announce the winning selection of the emerging architectural and design talents in Europe.

Spread across Europe, the selected young recipients for the “Europe 40 Under 40®” come from the following countries: Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Listed in alphabetical order per country, they are:

Pauline Bourgade - FAB Architectes (France)
Romain Brochard - Ylé architectes (France)
Adrien Cuny - Atelier ACTM (France)
Thomas Dantec - HUB ARCHITECTES (France)
Romain Delvalet - R+R architecture (France)
Thomas Faye - f+g architectes (France)
Melaine Ferré - MFA - Melaine Ferré Architecture (France)
Jean-Baptiste Geley - Geley architecture (France)
Charles Hesters - HEMAA architectes (France)
Clément Jaglin -JAQ (France)
Lucille Leyer - Ylé architectes (France)

Hugo Maffre- parages. (France)
Amrita Mahindroo - DROO DaCosta Mahindroo Architects (France)

Raphael Masson - HUB ARCHITECTES (France)
Pierre Martin Saint-Etienne - HEMAA architectes (France)
Côme Ménage - READ Architecture Design DPC (France)
Foteini Kallikouni- Foteini Kallikouni Architects (Greece)
Georgia Malevri- Not Applicable (Greece)
Argyro Pouliovali - ARP - Architecture Research Practice (Greece)
Flavian Basile - Offtec s.r.l. (Italy)
Alberto Figuccio - Studio Alberto Figuccio (Italy)
Giorgio Liverani - Ellevuelle Architetti (Italy)
Bartosz Dendura - Bartosz Dendura Studio4Space (Poland)
Przemek  Gawęda - Archigeum (Poland)
Przemyslaw Kolodziej - Flanagan Lawrence (Poland)
Diogo Brito - OODA Arquitectura Lda (Portugal)
Julião Pinto Leite - OODA Arquitectura Lda (Portugal)
Francisco Lencastre - OODA Arquitectura Lda (Portugal)
Pedro Pita - Pablo Pita Architects (Portugal)
Pablo Rebelo - Pablo Pita Architects (Portugal)
Ignacio Juan Ferruses - Horma (Spain)
Carlos Garmendia - Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos (Spain)
Ignacio Hornillos - Hornillos Atelier (Spain)
Luis Masia Massoni - Calmm Architecture (Spain)
Arnau Tiñena - NUA arquitectures (Spain)
Valentin Kunik - Kunik de Morsier architectes (Switzerland)
Guillaume de Moriser - Kunik de Morsier architectes (Switzerland)
Oguzhan Aydin - Lift Studio (Turkey)
Mehmet Metin Polat - 9016 Architecture (Turkey)
Sinan Tuncer - Lift Studio (Turkey)

We are proud and honored to announce this year’s Europe 40 Under 40 Awards’ Jury and our collaboration —for yet another year— with Europe's leading architects, designers, and academics who have received numerous distinctions and awards for their work. Namely in alphabetical order:

Marianna Athanasiadou
Architect Urban Designer
Masters in architecture, Graduate School of Design Harvard University

Mathieu Forest 

Jerome Michelangeli
Founder & CEO at michelangeli design

Alcestis Rodi
Associate Professor of Urban Design and Planning, Department of Architecture, University of Patras

Ph.D. TU Delft, MAUD Harvard University, Dipl. Arch NTUA, MIT Scholar

For more information about the jury’s members click hereTHE “EUROPE 40 UNDER 40®” PROGRAM

The “EUROPE 40 UNDER 40®” is an annual awards program initiated by The European Centre to highlight and distinguish the next generation of architects and designers who will impact future living and working environments, cities, and rural areas. It is an annual celebration of innovation and creativity.

The program is open to all young architects, landscape architects, urban planners, and industrial designers currently under the age of 40, working independently, in a firm, or on a specific project as the lead designers.


All winning projects will be featured in the exhibition titled “40 Young European Architects with New Visions” that will take place in December 2023 together with the Awards Ceremony at THE EUROPEAN CENTRE, 74 Mitropoleos Str., Athens, Greece. Both the dates and the duration of the exhibition and Awards ceremony will be announced in Fall.

A special edition based on the show will also be published by the Metropolitan Arts Press featuring the Next New Talented Generation of European Architects and Designers for 2022-2023 and will be available internationally to archi-lovers all around the world.

Note. We've already started accepting entries for next year's competition. Select and submit your finest work for “EUROPE 40 UNDER 40®” 2022-2023; showcase the projects that best reflect your impact in the fields of architecture, construction, and design. Online applications are available at

Please note that the deadline for submissions in the 2023 program is December 1st, 2023.

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