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Designers: Peter Solomon Design Team members: Peter Solomon, Alejandra Iturri, Yansel Herrera, Zsolti Zabo, Ivan Marte and Alberto Vina, Peter Solomon Design / Serious Simulations Team members: Christopher Chambers, Geoffrey Yunker, Michael Burroughs, Hollywood, Florida, USA
Manufacturer: Serious Simulations LLC., Orlando, Florida, USA

The Peripheral Vision Immersive Display (PVID Pro) is a Virtual Reality (VR) headset which is breaking new ground in design and performance, and arguably provides the most realistic VR experience to date. 

The PVID Pro is a professional grade electronic display headset, and is designed primarily for military, industrial or other professional VR-based serious training, as well as world class VR entertainment experiences in theme parks and other venues. 

The technology comprising the PVID Pro is unique, and is the world's first and only wireless, extremely wide field of view, high resolution head mounted display in a rugged yet attractive package. Dual 1920x1080 displays with high grade optical lenses enable a 130 degree field of view, allowing true human peripheral vision in the virtual world, and stereoscopic overlap of lenses for true 3D virtual graphics. 

Most importantly, the headset is completely wireless, thanks to Serious Simulations’ proprietary technology, which reduces latency to mere microseconds, for a very realistic experience including full and unencumbered human movement. 

The headgear tightens quickly and snugly with just one adjustment knob, fitting virtually any person’s head. The headset has built-in LED light strips which serve a variety of functions in training or entertainment, including visual signals to inform the operators/instructors of the users’ place in the scenario so that they may assist or interact with the user. 

The full headset flips up easily to allow the user to have eye to eye conversations in the real world, or just take a breaks. Another innovation is a very open bottom to the unit. This lack of a full enclosure allows individuals to subconsciously reference the actual ground which helps immensely in warding off disorientation or “simulator sickness”. It also enables users’ to see their actual hands and feet when needed. 

The PVID Pro exhibits a space age look, while maintaining low weight by utilization of carbon fiber, which is unique in the industry to date. 

The PVID Pro VR Headset is truly an unprecedented innovation in Virtual Reality. It was designed by Peter Solomon Design and Serious Simulations.

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Good Design
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