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LeanRite 2016-2017
LeanRite 2016-2017
Designers: Greg Foster, Robert Sheldon, Design Council, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Manufacturer: Ergo Impact, Highland Park, Illinois, USA

Ergo Impact has recently developed The LeanRite™ Sit-Stand-Lean chair to provide sedentary workers an innovative solution to their sit-stand problems. The LeanRite is designed to support workers in a variety of positions while accommodating individual preferences, reducing fatigue and facilitating movement without interrupting work.

While standing desks, can alleviate some of sitting’s proven negative consequences on your health, standing for hours on end can be dangerously taxing for your knees, back, and posture long-term.

The LeanRite's innovative Sit-Stand-Lean design occupies the healthy, ergonomic middle-ground between a typical office chair and unsupported standing. Each feature of the LeanRite is uniquely designed to keep the body in perfect posture and regularly moving while working. Adjust between standing and resting against the soft lumbar support, then switch to lean into the supportive perch-style stool providing a physical and mental boost, or take a rest on the gently forward tilted seat, which helps your posture to instantly align into the optimal sitting position.

Pneumatic controls make for quick and simple changes throughout the day. Last, but not least is a built-in, high-quality, anti-fatigue mat which feels great and reduces pressure and pain in the feet, legs and back related to standing alone.

Designed and developed in Chicago in collaboration with leading experts in orthopedics, ergonomics, and furniture design, LeanRite is a fully-adjustable, iconic office chair that encourages a healthy posture, increased productivity, and promotes wellness both in and out of the office.

Good Design
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