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Legion Y90 | 2021-2022
Legion Y90 | 2021-2022

Designers: Wei Liu, Lenovo Innovation Design Team, Lenovo, Beijing, China
Manufacturer: Lenovo, Beijing, China

Y90 is the 3rd generation of Legion phone. Central architecture. Dual fans cooling system. It's symmetric design. Dual vibration motors, dual channel stereos ,dual USB ports and dual air channels are all symmetric, and the customized 6.92 inches large screen. All of these can give users immersive experience. The “plane window" in the center of the device due to the central architecture is a unique characteristic. Two visible fans in air inlet and fins in air outlet, also. Symmetric design such as dual front speakers, dual batteries. Two USB ports are also aligned center. Mobile phone as the personal data center, installed more and more apps.

There are so heavy data processing task which lead to more and more heat produced by chipset especially when playing mobile game. Excessive temperature and delay of operation make very poor experience. The team wants to get the pain points.

Meanwhile, Legion phone needs to be powerful, needs to have a design inheritance of "Legion," needs to build a strong icon in the gaming segment, so the designers created Y90 series. On the other hand , to improve energy efficiency, our 68W super charger has lower energy loss, it can reduce energy cost and extend battery life. The design team uses recyclable aluminum instead of nondegradable plastic, all of these can reduce environmental pollution.

In order to make Y90 looks and grasps thinner, we used complex curved glass with annular bump and 3.5mm bending depth. The “window of the plane” must be at the center of back cover, it‘s not easy.
To reserve space for metal and glass bonding, the team designed the annular bulge of the glass cover although it need high requirements for process. The bump height is 0.91mm.The edge feels smooth.
The designers challenged the bending techniques of glass.

After some experiments, we pushed the supplier to make the limit of the bending depth of quartic surface glass which reached to 3.5mm. It’s the most extreme glass manufacturing process. The body of Y90 is more concise and coordinated. Y90 is completely different from the other mobile phone. The glass bending technique is unique. Benefits from the central architecture, Y90 have directly cooling system which have been proved to be most efficient.

Dual USB ports give convenience to horizonal and vertical using when charging. Dual front speakers with super large sound cavity can't be covered up by hands anytime. The holes are also well-designed.Although the device is unique, the designers want it to look simple and more acceptable by users. The total volume of gaming phone segment is not very big, but the team can still show the performance to the LEGION users and build a strong icon in gaming phone market.

Legion Y90 | 2021-2022
Legion Y90 | 2021-2022

Good Design
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