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ThinkCentre TIO Flex | 2022
ThinkCentre TIO Flex | 2022

Designers: Cyan Godfrey, Lenovo Design Innovation Team, Lenovo, Morrisville, North Carolina, USA
Manufacturer: Lenovo, Morrisville, North Carolina, USA

The TIO Flex brings together the Tiny PC and a monitor with a one-step, toolless installation. TIO Flex supports any generation of ThinkCentre Tiny PC and ThinkVision or VESA enabled monitor from 22” - 27” to create the ultimate modular AIO.

Designed for customers who want the flexibility of a separate PC and display, but with the clean desk and easy access that a traditional AIO offers. Customers working in an office or at home, want a clean organized desk.

With the PC and monitor being separate elements, maximum flexibility is provided. The Tiny PC or monitor can be refreshed or upgraded separately with quick and easy steps. Tiny slides into the base from the front automatically aligning the rear I/O with inbuilt connectors. It makes use of the stand footprint by being installed on the base and provides easy access to Tiny’s front ports and power button.

The rear of the monitor remains clear of additional bulk caused by attaching Tiny behind the monitor. A VESA-enabled monitor is connected to the TIO flex post and the built-in 2in1 cable is connected to the rear of the monitor. Any additional cables connected to the display run through the cable management hole in the post to ensure cables are hidden from view.

Any additional cables connected to the rear of Tiny, remain low to the desk and out of view from the front. The ergonomic stand has 130mm lift range and +23 / -5-degree tilt for a customizable setup. Built-in cable management hides cables from a frontal view.

A smartphone holder provides further desk organization while angling the phone screen toward the user. By being able to use any VESA enabled monitor (from 22” to 27”) with the TIO flex, the customer can choose the size of display, with or without camera and speakers, to suit their exact requirements, taking flexibility to extremes, without the drawbacks of having to manage separate components.

The TIO Flex supports both the ThinkCentre Tiny and ThinkVision monitor product lines, enhancing the user experience of both with a streamlined, customizable, and flexible solution.

ThinkCentre TIO Flex | 2022
ThinkCentre TIO Flex | 2022

Good Design
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