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Ditto Digital Pattern Projection System | 2023
Ditto Digital Pattern Projection System | 2023

Designer: Nottingham Spirk Team, Nottingham Spirk, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Manufacturer: SVP Worldwide, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Ditto is the first-ever digital pattern projection system for home sewists that combines algorithmic intelligence with digital projection to make patterns paperless, customizable, and adaptable to body measurements – all in real time. The Ditto system is the only evolution of paper patterns since their invention in 1860. The Ditto website ( allows sewists to download a complete pattern library to the Ditto app where the user can layout pattern pieces in the workspace and send to the projector for cutting.

Ditto’s digital pattern projection system required an ecosystem to realize its full potential as a connected product. The system includes the Ditto projector, all hardware and accessories, an e-commerce website where sewists can customize and purchase patterns, and the Ditto mobile app, where the user can layout pattern pieces and send them to the projector.

In consumer research, sewists said dealing with paper patterns was the least liked part of the sewing process and that projection was intriguing. Until Ditto, sewists have used PDF patterns by printing and laying them out on fabric like traditional paper patterns or projecting them through DIY setups. These homespun options require ceiling or wall mounting, are not movable, and are highly challenging to calibrate for accurate pattern projection.

Ditto's hardware innovations include:

Projection brightness:

The designers led a manufacturer to develop a custom projector capable of delivering a bright projection, with a high resolution, fixed focus, and an offset lens while maintaining a small size and hitting an aggressive cost target.


The designers developed a software/hardware solution called “Calibration” that ensures the projected pattern is at the correct scale. Within the app, the sewist is guided to photograph the combination of the custom-printed Ditto cutting mat and a projection. Once the photo is submitted, the software automatically adjusts the projection to 1:1 and corrects camera distortions.

Accommodation of larger pattern pieces that extend outside of the projection area:

Because of projector limitations, the projection area was smaller than many pattern pieces. A software solution called “Splicing” was developed where a pattern segment is projected with registration marks. The sewist applies a custom sticker over the projected registration marks and is then prompted to move the fabric to match the next pattern segment.


The “Beam” uses floor to ceiling tension. It is easily adjusted to accommodate various ceiling heights between 7.5’ and 10’.

Ease of Use:

Research uncovered the need to design the system for home setup in a variety of sewing spaces, from dining rooms to basements. Our solution can be easily installed by one person without the use of tools. Because there is no mounting hardware, it's easy to take down and move from room to room.


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