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ThinkBook 16p Gen4 | 2023
ThinkBook 16p Gen4 | 2023

Designer: Lenovo Design Innovation Team, Lenovo, Morrisville, North Carolina, USA
Manufacturer: Lenovo, Morrisville, North Carolina, USA

ThinkBook 16p Gen4 is an advanced product of the high-performance, the target users are focused on professional creative workers. 2 tone Storm Grey contrast color design presents an outstanding youthful appearance. it creatively integrates Magic Bay ecosystem, which can be quickly magnetically attached to the laptop and used immediately, providing users a new experience of device collaboration.

The most remarkable points

signature icon

A visual segmentation by different gloss on double anodized aluminum chassis to be a signature icon

recognizable detail

Hinge up, horizontal profile and exposed air vents design, presenting a stable and powerful image.

device collaboration

A collaboration between laptop and Magic Bay ecosystem accessories, create new needs and scenarios.

The reason/background the design was invented

The Covid-19 epidemic has greatly changed people's lifestyles. The original offline office model has gradually shifted to online. People are acceptable to work from home or everywhere. Because of the changeable work style, it increases people's work efficiency and creativity.

The designers found some opportunities. The performance of laptops needs to be increased to help users handle complex tasks. Considering users' variety of work patterns and usage scenarios, and provide to users a trusted accessory purchase channel, the designers created a Lenovo accessory ecosystem, modular design can be effectively integrated with the Lenovo laptop, which is easy and effortless to use, effectively expanding the performance of the laptop and enriching the user experience, aiming to create Lenovo's device collaboration.

Process and achievement of design realization

A cover's contrasting color design, boldly presents the visual impact at the first glance, with glossy Thinkbook Logo Badge, strengthen Thinkbook brand recognition, which fits the young target users' bold and unlimited thinking.

Laptop's appearance is simple and neat. With Storm Grey aluminum, it presents a calm business style, but it still has a strong sense of performance from the side and back of the air outlet.

Magic Bay accessory is designed for magnetic approach with Magic Bar on A cover of laptop. 11*pogo pins are efficiently execution of the accessory function expansion without cable, three modules are included Magic Camera provides 4K high resolution.

ThinkBook 16p Gen4 | 2023
ThinkBook 16p Gen4 | 2023
ThinkBook 16p Gen4 | 2023

Good Design
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