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Biamp Rack Products Design Language | 2022-2023
Biamp Rack Products Design Language | 2022-2023

Designer: Fahrenheit Design, Round Rock, Texas, USA, and IDM Tech, Plano, Texas, USA
Manufacturer: Biamp Systems, Beaverton, Oregon, USA

Biamp desired to create a new, recognizable design language for its server rack audio processing products to achieve a uniform aesthetic across multiple product families. Biamp’s previous design had become expensive to produce and did not work with newer system architectures.

The resulting visual brand language creates a strong visual statement that is scalable and allows for differences in dimensionality, connectivity, and application. Universal design elements include a consistent branding treatment, a soft round on the top and bottom edges, and two iconic vertical red bars on the left and right edges of the products. The design strategy addresses a variety of additional elements such as controls, displays, indicators, and venting, which vary by product type.

The black front faceplate is split graphically, with a gloss zone on the left side for the user interface, while the right side is reserved for venting. The vent pattern is consistent in size and spacing to align visually with other Biamp products when installed together. The faceplate is lower cost to manufacture than the legacy bezel and can be leveraged to accommodate multiple products, reducing tooling and setup costs.

Biamp Rack Products Design Language | 2022-2023

Good Design
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