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Rugs Kristiina Lassus Collection | 2023
Rugs Kristiina Lassus Collection | 2023

Designer: Kristina Lassus, Kristina Lassus Studio, Milan (MI), Italy
Manufacturer: Kristiina Lassus, Milan (MI), Italy

The timeless rug collection has been created for high-end customers who appreciate quality, authenticity and individuality. The rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal, using traditional Tibetan handicraft techniques and numerous other manual processes which request about 3- 4 months of production time for each item, and that results in a unique and authentic piece.

The collection consists of 21 designs and 85 SKUs and has been developed to furnish contemporary spaces, both modern and classic, and offers an alternative to oriental rugs. The rugs match well with different interior styles: minimalist/vintage/bohemian/classic. It is a line that stands out on the market for its uniqueness, coherence and elegance.

The rugs are made in 100 knots/sq inch quality - some in 80 knots - and with low pile. The materials employed are Tibetan wool, natural linen, silk, bamboo silk and hemp. Hand-knotted rugs are of superior quality than those generally offered on the market and are made to last for decades.

Being entirely made by hand the rugs request about 16 weeks for delivery. The production is made to order which makes customizations possible (size, quality, color). The collection was first introduced to the market in 2007 and has since then been granted varbeen recognition with the Red Dot Design Awards, Good Design Awards and Green Good Design Awards.


Aava, Aiku and Eloo rugs were introduced to market in 2022 and enrich the exclusive and unique collection of Rugs Kristiina Lassus. All are hand knotted in 100 knot quality, and come with low pile and different textures. Materials are all natural and vary depending on colorway and texture: hand-spun Tibetan wool, fine Chinese silk, hand-spun blended wool and silk, and natural linen.


With its expressive cross-hatching and coffee brown and bronze tones, Aava offers a touch of gilded luxury. Aava is also available in two other color ways: a natural white-light beige and light beige-brown. The artwork of Aava is available in two versions: standard and asymmetric (ASM).

Aava MO – coffee brown base in twirled wool and silk, brown pattern in raised fine silk.

Aava WH - natural white base in hand-spun blended wool silk, pattern in natural linen.

Aava NL - base in natural linen and wool, brown pattern in wool.


Aiku has a geometrical design with an asymmetrical composition of thin, irregular lines. Its artwork comes in two versions depending on the shape of the rug, square or rectangular and is offered in three colour options:

Aiku LGRH - light grey base in wool and silk, and the pattern in natural hemp recessed in loop.

Aiku NL - light beige base in natural linen and wool, dark grey pattern in wool.

Aiku MG – grey-green base and dark brown pattern, made in 100% Tibetan wool.

Rugs Kristiina Lassus Collection | 2023
Rugs Kristiina Lassus Collection | 2023
Rugs Kristiina Lassus Collection | 2023

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