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Good Design
Vertiflex All-Clean / Tambalkon | 2020
Vertiflex All-Clean / Tambalkon | 2020

Designers: Adil Isildak, Albert Genau R&D, Albert Genau / Isildak Ins. Taah. Tic. A.S., Ankara, Turkey
Manufacturer: Albert Genau / Isildak Ins. Taah. Tic. A.S., Ankara, Turkey

An Innovative Facade Solution
VertiFlex All-Clean ⁄ Climatic Facade system can be adapted to modern architecture’s proportion and aesthetic. It's a remote-controlled motorized glazing system that is made of sustainable materials such as glass and aluminum. In many buildings due to architectural requirements, balcony glazing cannot be applied. The most effective solution for this kind of building is provided by Albert Genau with its special “Climatic Facade System” – Vertiflex All-Clean.

Thinking Green
This product can be evaluated as a second core of the building façade. Thanks to its minimal aluminum profiles, the maximum panoramic view has been provided. Furthermore, the product is environment friendly and another purpose of using minimal profiles is to let maximum sunlight in and minimize energy loss.

Therefore, this system does not only contribute to creating useful and comfortable spaces that benefit from natural light but also has an active role in an energy saving of the buildings. As a result of the calculations made by considering all of the energy consumption in a room, energy saving on cooling load has been achieved with VertiFlex All-Clean. On the other hand, it has been known that this product is in conformity with LEED and DGNB criteria and gains plus points to buildings on IEQ and MR criteria.

Highlights of The Product
VertiFlex All-Clean is a motor-powered system and besides a remote control, the system can be also controlled from smartphones that are compatible with IOS and Android. This system is generally used with 3 panels. The biggest and common problem of other systems in the market is the inability to clean the exterior surface of the moving middle panel with such minimal profiles. However, “Albert Genau”, with its patented method, provides an innovative solution to this problem. The VertiFlex All-Clean is the patented design of Albert Genau Smart Glazing Solutions'. Even if this product is installed on high-rise buildings and high floors, it can be easily and safely cleaned from inside without the need for any ladder or scaffolding, and this is one of the most accurate clean ing methods and an important feature that makes the product different from its counterparts.

VertiFlex ALL-CLEAN also has extra security equipment. One of the most important ones is: "The Patented Movable Handrail". It prevents the risk of hand⁄finger jamming when opening the glass panels which was patented by Albert Genau as well. Another important one is the special connection system which is called "Safe- Guard". It provides maximum security in chain-panel and panel-to-panel connections. Panel connection security has been increased to the highest level with 8 screw connections on each panel. To be able to use the system all around the world due to different climates (especial under heavy rain), a specially designed, patented "Albert Genau Vertiflex All Clean Water Discharge Profile" has been developed. With this feature, the water tightness level has been maximized. VertiFlex All-Clean achieved the highest results in its class from tests such as "wind resistance", “water permeability", "impact resistance" conducted by the International Accredited Test Institute" Pfb ".The use of the heat-insulated glass option in the systems provides up to 5 times more insulation if it is compared to standard glazing systems. Therefore, it helps to save energy and reduce the carbon footprin.


Good Design
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