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The Galvan Mask | 2021
The Galvan Mask | 2021

Designers: Card79, San Francisco, California, USA
Manufacturer: Card79, San Francisco, California, USA

Galvan is a sustainable alternative to disposable surgical masks which, despite having great filtration efficiency, create a huge amount of waste.

The goal was to create a re-useable mask with the hygienic and filtration benefits of a disposable surgical mask, while not having the negative environmental impact.

Surgical Masks have great filtration efficiency due to their electrostatic properties which repel aerosol particles (which is what viral material attaches to). After a few usages, these masks lose their electrostatic charge.

With the Galvan mask, we wanted to have great electrostatic properties but design a way to recharge the mask with negative ions to maintain a high filtration efficiency.

Material selection is key to Galvan's design. The mask consists of 3 layers that all have great electrostatic properties that repel aerosol particles.

The inside layer is a cotton-polyester blend layer that has a balance of comfort and electrostatic charge pickup. The mid layer is a polypropylene filter that has great filtration properties and can be electrostatically recharged to maintain that great filtration level. The outer layer is a hydrophobic polyester blend to keep the filter material as dry as possible.
Galvan also leverages virus resistant materials such as copper woven fabrics to minimize the time period that viral material can survive on the mask surface.

The Galvan mask comes with an accompanying storage case. The case can electrostatically recharge the mask using an oscillating metal surface to maintain a high filtration efficiency.

Additionally, it has a heating element that creates an autoclave-like environment that eliminates any viral material that might be on the mask.

The Galvan Mask
The Galvan Mask

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