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The Smart Shoppa Cart | 2020
The Smart Shoppa Cart | 2020

Designers: Edward Khoury and Ross Khoury, Form Designs Australia Pty Ltd,. Bibra Lake, Western Australia, Australia
Manufacturer: Shoppacart Pty Ltd., Swan View, Western Australia, Australia

In 1937 the Humpty Dumpty grocery chain in Oklahoma USA introduced the first shopping cart. Over the decades, even though it was flawed with “Affordance” problems, the shopping trolley has not changed. The Shoppacart addresses “Affordance” issues and expresses how objects should shape our future actions.

The Shoppacart’s collapsible mechanism needed designing from the ground up, resulting in outstanding innovation.

The Shoppacart specifications are as follows: 100L capacity, standard height, light weight (12 kg), 40 kg loading, fits medium sized trunks, no damage, numerous accessories, 15-year lifespan, sustainable materials and packaging, use of recycled materials, unique identifiable aesthetics, easy to operate and store, cost effective, global target market.
The Brief called for a design solution that addressed the multifaceted relationship between trolleys and the use that enables and constrains their behavioral outcomes. 83 years ago, shopping carts were designed to make customers buy more but never addressed a fundamental requirement: to get the purchases home.

The Shoppacart is a bold paradigm shift that changes the state of the art to suit modern times, to meet the requirements of inner city living, convenient shopping center mobility, with your own personal germ-free, ergonomic, lightweight shopping trolley that fits in your trunk- that you can take home.

The Shoppacart addresses fundamental issues through human behavior impacting “society”, “economy” and “environment”. The problem of theft, misuse, maintenance, upkeep, management, reckless use and damage to property and environment dissolves when ownership shifts to the customer.

The Shoppacart offers greater utility, added and improved functionality including adaptations for retail technology upgrades and accessories to enhance the shopping experience.
The Industrial Designers selected the “hole” grid pattern for the basket intentionally, as in addition to its obvious function it also works as a versatile attachment platform for current and future accessories.

The collapsing mechanism is completely unique and true to purpose; it not only folds away, but also assists in the load up. The Shoppacart is an overdue shift in paradigm.
Sustainability is echoed in our mission statement and is part of our makeup. We consciously designed a product that would offer our customers a circular economy opportunity; using recycled materials and making the Shoppacart completely dissemble-able and reparable (all spare parts obtainable).

We insist on using biodegradable packaging and recyclable materials that make up the Shoppacart. Above all we have designed a product that, with sensible handling, should last a lifetime.

The Smart Shoppa Cart
The Smart Shoppa Cart

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