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Good Design
Decant 2015-2017
Decant 2015-2017

Designers: Karim Rashid, New York, New York, USA
Client: Stratus Vineyards, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada

The goal for the wine bottle was to create an innovative design representative of the vineyard while surprising the consumer with an unexpected art form.  

The aim was to encapsulate the Stratus philosophy of 'form followed by function' by capturing the elements of vineyard diversity and winery design into a single contemporary bottle that speaks to the experience of the wine and brand. 

The wine bottle boasts a deconstructed, stratified design reflecting the geological complexity of the soils from which the wine is grown. Layers upon layers of clay and clayloam interspersed with fractures of granite and limestone resulting from glacial erosion and the recession of Lake Ontario, not only imbues the wine with its unique profile but is also a point of inspiration for the bottle’s signature shape. 

The deconstructed design reflects the complexity derived from the 44 vineyard blocks within the company’s 55 acre estate.

This layered glass creates a slip-resistant handle and further acts as a decanter for the naturally forming sediment (not only present in our soils) but from leaving the wine unfiltered and in contact with the lees.  Not only does it visually stimulate the senses, but it decants the wine from this sediment as it pours and rests on the table. The result is a muti-layered experience designed to delight all senses.

decant 2015-2017

Good Design
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