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Toto Hand Dryer | 2022-2023
Toto Hand Dryer | 2022-2023

Designers: Toto Ltd., Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Manufacturer: Toto Ltd., Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

A hand dryer supporting contactless operation that can dry hands hygienically TOTO contributes to the SDGs through its business activities by realizing cleanliness and comfort. Conventional hand dryers discharge high-speed air around them, creating the following issues.

(1) Discomfort due to the air blow-back and droplet dispersal
(2) Unhygienic toilet spaces due to droplet dispersal over the surrounding area Droplets can be suppressed by narrowing drying chamber (hand insertion part) openings or reducing air flow, but drying performance or ease of use are impacted.

To maintain high-speed drying while solving these issues, TOTO employs a structure that suctions the surrounding air, controlling the blow-back of air and droplet dispersal without reducing drying chamber size. This reduces the dispersed droplets by around 90% compared with ordinary Blower-type hand dryers. It enables to eliminate user discomfort and to keep the surrounding area. The dryer also has a HEPA filter for drying hands with clean high-speed air.

The HEPA filter captures at least 99.97% of extremely small particles 0.3μm in size (about 1/100th the width of a human hair). Maintenance considerations A chemical-resistant resin is used to enable alcohol cleaning, and a water catchment tray is included to prevent discharged water from leaking to the surrounding area. Keeping the product and surrounding area clean offers security to users.

Customer benefits

1. Suction-type: The dryer can be used comfortably without worrying about air blow-back or droplet dispersal, and the surrounding area is kept clean (Solves conventional issues (1) and (2))
2. HEPA filter: In addition to contactless operation, a double filter structure incorporating a pre-filter and HEPA filter dries the hands with clean, high-speed air
3. CLEAN: Maintenance is designed for clean use over long periods, and without cluttered trash or dispersed droplets, it can be used hygienically
4. GREEN: Expenses are significantly lower than the use of paper towels and it is also eco friendly (CO2 reduction of approx. 12 tons/ year (the equivalent of approx. 857 evergreen trees)

This high-speed suction-type hand dryer creates a comfortable hand-washing space that considers the steps from hand washing to drying.

Toto Hand Dryer | 2022-2023

Toto Hand Dryer | 2022-2023

Toto Hand Dryer | 2022-2023

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