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The American Bulldog Electric Vechicle | 2023
The American Bulldog Electric Vechicle | 2023

Designers: Canoo, Inc., Justin, Texas, USA
Manufacturer: Canoo, Inc.,  Justin, Texas, USA

A powerhouse of engineering, The American Bulldog, Canoo’s Light Tactical Vehicle Quad-Cab, sets a new mobility standard and reflects the grit and resolve of the American people. It combines striking design with world-class performance while emphasizing minimalism with maximum functionality for work, adventure, and service.

The American Bulldog is a derivative of the Screaming Eagle, Canoo’s all electric Light Tactical Vehicle that was delivered to the U.S. Army for extensive testing in 2022. Its design is rooted in military utility with a focus on rugged reliability, proving that sustainable technology and capable versatility are not mutually exclusive.

The LTV-Quad Cab will be built in Oklahoma with advancements in function, form, and utility. Engineered with precision and purpose, it features the capability of a full-sized utility vehicle while staying true to the compact footprint that allows access to tighter trails –, a tactical advantage for adventurous spirits.

With room for a crew of five, it caters to both the needs of families and workers alike. A muscular marvel, the Bulldog can be expanded upon utilizing standard Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) through the integration of flip-down modular MOLLE panels lining the flatbed and throughout the interior.

A roof-mounted solar panel provides continuous power to the 12V battery which runs all the vehicle’s low voltage digital features. Additionally, there is a pop-out section of the roof which can be used to access items above the cab. The rear 4-foot by 6-foot flatbed allows for easy access to slide items on and off. Within the flatbed is a multi-use compartment which can be upgraded to contain a 15 kWh Accessory Power Unit (APU).

The bi-directionally charged APU allows low voltage output for power tools as well as high-voltage power to charge the vehicle itself (or others). Equipped with a proprietary all-wheel, dual-motor drive system, the Bulldog boasts up to 350 hp per axle.

Like other vehicles offered by Canoo, the Bulldog utilizes steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire technology, increasing control and improving efficiency by reducing moving parts. Canoo vehicles are based on the company’s proprietary multi-purpose platform which integrates all the critical components of an electric powertrain, so it is as flat and efficient as possible, while maximizing cabin and cargo space.

The American Bulldog Electric Vechicle | 2023

The American Bulldog Electric Vechicle

The American Bulldog Electric Vechicle

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