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OXO GoodGrips FurLifter Furniture Brush 2014-2016
OXO GoodGrips FurLifter Furniture Brush 2014-2016
Designers: Heidi Farrell, Reid Schlegel, Linden Evans, Vincent Valderrama, Smart Design, New York, New York, USA and David Wight and Claire Dunnington, OXO International, Ltd., New York, York, USA
Manufacturer: OXO International, Ltd., New York, New York, USA

The FurLifter line consists of a Furniture Brush, Garment Brush and On-the-Go Brush for all fur removal needs. Its microbristles effectively trap fur, dust and lint, and the selfcleaning base means that there's no waste or need to buy refills. The FurLifter Garment Brush consists of a brush and a base - the microbristles on the brush effectively trap fur, dust, lint and more, lifting it from clothing. The base also contains microbristles, which clean the brush for repeat uses. Directional arrows indicate which way to brush for effective fur removal. Once one side gets full, the brush can be turned over for use of the other side. Each time the brush is dipped in the self-cleaning base, fur is cleared from the Brush, so it's ready to use again - no refills necessary. The Base holds fur until emptied. When the base gets full, the cover on the bottom can simply be opened to release the hair for quick disposal. FurLifter combines the effectiveness of a traditional lint brush with the convenience of a self-cleaning base - no refills required. Best of all, it’s quick and easy, giving users more time with furry friends. 

Fun Facts
We tested over 16 brush colors and the hair of over 50 pets in developing this product.

OXO GoodGripsOXO GoodGrip

Good Design
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