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Good Design
Round Baler Family 2016
Round Baler Family 2016

Designers: John Deere, France & Germany/ GBO, Antwerp, Belgium/ BMW Group Designworks, Newbury Park, California, USA
Manufacturers: John Deere SAS, Arc Les Gray, France

JOHN DEERE C441R Combi Wrapper Round Baler

The C441R is built for providing versatility & performance in highly professional round baling operations. John Deere tasked Designworks & GBO to collaborate in a complete redesign based on a modern Round Baler Family approach. In combi wrapper balers, the perception and reality of strength, toughness and durability are the key success attributes. Strong chamfers, color breakdown and stout overall proportions secure an active stance and directional assertiveness. The design language used in development of the C441R is incorporated in all John Deere products, ensuring a consistent look of the complete John Deere solution (Tractor & Implement).

The C441R design authentically communicates the product core: The wide pick-up followed by an integral big diameter feeder rotor underline the appetite this machine gets to eat every type of crop. Design is compatible with either single or tandem axle featuring big diameter & wide tires in order to tailor the machine with customer’s field conditions. One-piece welded mainframe resists torsional stress, absorbs shock loads, and delivers maximum strength while allowing easy service of major components.

JOHN DEERE F441R & F441M solo Round Baler

The F441R & F441M solo Round balers are built for providing versatility & performance of most demanding individual dairy or live-stock farmers. Engineers found the right recipe of solutions to make the baler chamber made of rolls, well known to perform the best in the stickiest and wet crop, to also produce heavy and well-shaped bales in very hot and dry straw. To achieve such performance, the rolls, the net tying system and the way the rear gate opening is hydraulically managed feature some key innovative details which are for some of them protected by a patent. All over the world and in the most challenging conditions machine owners and operators can verify every days the new F441R & F441M provides best in class performance in this segment.

The design language emphasizes chamfering to enhance visibility to the feeding system or the net tying system, giving the F441M/R a tough forward active stance with a refined proportion and a well-organized relationship of lines, surface breaks, and components. This design language is incorporated in all John Deere products to ensure a consistent look of the complete John Deere solution (Tractor & Implement).

Good Design
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