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Semih 2015-2016
Semih 2015-2016

Designers:  Jeffrey Huyghe, Modular Design Team, Modular Lighting Instruments, Roeselare, Belgium
Manufacturer: Modular Lighting Instruments, Roeselare, Belgium 

Semih 2015-2016

Semih brings together yin and yang in a single LED fixture. An S-shaped bar divides the fixture into two equal parts that resemble the well-known Taoist symbol. A perfect complement to high ceilings, the fixture can be rotated along this bar to bring light into the darkness. Semih can be installed quickly and easily thanks to the highly powerful magnets that keep the fixture in firmly place.

• Responds to the trend embracing round, flowing shapes

• Restores proportional balance to high-ceilinged rooms

• Easy installation thanks to magnets

• For use in private homes and the hospitality industry

Semih is in of two identical parts, divided by a thin S-shaped bar measuring just under 2 mm. The part that is mounted onto the ceiling can rotate by 188°, while the part containing the light source housing can be directed at an angle of approximately 75° (in both directions or approx. 75°). This makes Semih a highly versatile ceiling fixture that can be used for spotlighting as well as general lighting purposes. Semih is equipped with a powerful, dimmable and energy-efficient LED light source.  


Modular Design Team

Good Design
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