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Tall Poppy Cordless Table Lamp 2016-2017
Tall Poppy Cordless Table Lamp 2016-2017

Designers: Gabriel Tam and Peter Ellis, Neoz Lighting, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Manufacturer: Neoz Lighting, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The ‘Tall Poppy’ is a rechargeable batterypowered table lamp designed for hospitality and home environments. It provides glarefree direct downlight in a slender ribbed form without the need of a power cord. 


The ‘Tall Poppy’ is the culmination of over 20 years of experience in cordless lighting design. Inspired by natural elements such as seashells and plants, its slender ribbed form is diecast in zinc alloy for durability. Design specifically for the hospitality environment, the key product features are:

1. Optimum glarefree illumination: The height of the lamp allows for wideangle light distribution, illuminating a table of up to six diners evenly. The custombuilt LED light disc housed in a lowprofile diffuser top produces a light quality that is able to bring out authentic food colors.

2. Minimal footprint: With the cordless batteryoperated function and sturdy weighted bottom, the lamp occupies minimal footprint and clutter on the table.

3. Simple touch switch: The lamp features a simple touch switch with three dim level settings, our patented 'Rotation Switching' when operating on the charging base, and an ‘autooff’ function when used in conjunction with the commercial charging system.

4. Hand polished for optimal fit and finish: To achieve a superior standard of fit and finish, each lamp is individually handpolished before electroplating or paint finishes are applied.

5. Ease of repair and replacement: Because mishaps can happen in the hospitality working environment, we use only mechanical fasteners and every component of the lamp can be repaired or replaced by the end user, prolonging the product life and minimizing business and environmental costs.



Good Design
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