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Green Good Design


Founder & Head of Concept Design
Creator of Sub-Biosphere
London, Great Britain

A futurist visionary who has developed creative initiatives to tackle corporate, social and global issues. He aims to use his creativity to inspire others and encourage society to collaborate more closely together to strive for a better world.

Phil Pauley's belief in the power of design is to not only improve products and processes but to inspire people around the world to become more sustainable.

Today, through his innovative creativity, he collaborates with leading companies to transform his trademark industrial design into workable and commercially-viable products and services.

Although much in demand as a freelance industrial designer and futurist, much of his work takes place through PAULEY ( his innovation and visual communications brand.

He now runs PAULEY:- developing products, producing promotional material and interactive training platforms for international clients including Eurostar, TATA Group and Hampton International.

Top companies continue to turn to Phil for his authentic knowledge of global design inspiration and, in particular, its impact on a revolutionary digital culture (highlighted through

With this unique approach, PAULEY continues to pave the way for design to improve, innovate and inspire the ever-changing world around us

His project, The Sub-Biosphere 2, is the original self-sustainable underwater habitat designed for aquanauts, tourism, and oceanographic life sciences and long-term human, plant and animal habitation. SBS2 is a seed bank with eight Living Biomes to allow human, plant and fresh water interaction, powered and controlled by the Central Support Biome, which monitors the life systems from within its own operations facility.

He also incorporates some of his futuristic conceptual designs within an inspiring young adult science fiction/fantasy book series entitled Moral Order. The stories are based around Phil's near future vision for planet Earth; heroism and humanity versus progress and greed set in a time of social, environmental and economic extremes. 

He is passionate about pursuing his dream of facilitating a discussion and/or investment vehicle to research and develop a self-sustainable underwater habitat, Sub-Biosphere, which could become the precursor to a space settlement that may safeguard humanity against any natural or man-made disaster. 

Phil Pauley
Phil Pauley

Green Good Design
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