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Good Design
sladda 2014-2016
sladda 2014-2016

Designer: Veryday AB., Bromma, Sweden
Manufacturer: Ikea of Sweden AB, Älmhult, Sweden 

The Future of Urban Transportation

Bicycles are one of the most eco-friendly forms of transportation, but today’s bike market can be intimidating. Specially customized bikes exist for every activity and every type of person, not to mention the many – and often complicated – technical specifications that only experts understand. This fall, IKEA will launch its first ever bicycle that will not only expand IKEA’s offering to a new sector – but transform the urban bicycle market.

SLADDA may look like your ordinary bike, but it’s anything but ordinary. The bike is built entirely out of high quality materials but doesn’t compromise on style or affordability. SLADDA is gender and activity neutral, and comes with an ingenious click-on knob system that distinguishes it from the competition. The click-on system makes it possible for each user to effortlessly customize their bike with racks, baskets, a child seat or even a trailer.

The Veryday design team was engaged by IKEA and have collaboratively created SLADDA - a game-changing bike that breaks all the rules. IKEA has a long heritage of accessibility and Democratic Design approach that sets out high demands regarding form, function, affordability, quality and sustainability as main factors to help ensure meeting the demands and needs of the user. SLADDA truly embodies every aspect of the Democratic Design approach.

Applying Veryday’s user-centric methods, prototypes went through a number of assessments by various bicycle test users to insure maximum safety and comfort. The extended chain stay improves heel clearance for big bags and baskets carried on the rear rack. It also allows extra space for a comfortable ride with a child seat mounted. SLADDA has an automatic rear hub with two gears, no wires to adjust or shifters that need shifting, and offers easy pedaling – even uphill.

The user can also increase load capacity without overloading the bike or risking safety levels, making it possible to transport heavier cargo. SLADDA is clean and neutral, appealing to a broad range of people with its simple and friendly design. At the same time, SLADDA offers a range of customized accessories allowing the user to personalize SLADDA after the user’s own taste, needs and demands. The IKEA bike SLADDA is not only beneficial for the user in the sense that it contributes to a healthier lifestyle, SLADDA also makes it easy to contribute to a more eco-friendly environment.


sladda 2014-2016

Good Design
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