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Int. Architecture
TEMPORARY TEMPLE - Hooghly, West Bengal, India, 2014 - Architects Abin Design Studio
TEMPORARY TEMPLE - Hooghly, West Bengal, India, 2014

Architects: Abin Design Studio
Client: Kishor Sangia Community
Photographer: Abin Chaudhuri

Project Description

The temporary structure was designed to shelter a religious idol, with a notion of continuous 
movement as its guiding principle. the idea was to create a composition of light and color, which would convey movement and playfulness. vibrantly hued LED lights are placed around a rising circular volume to emphasize the focal point while guiding visitors around the pavilion on a journey of ever-changing views.
Close to 1,800 locally sourced bamboo has been cut to specific lengths from 2 to 15 feet, incrementally forming a gradually rising volume based on its length, color and position. rooted to the ground in a regular grid, the organic rods have been painted in spectral hues. retro-reflective vinyl stickers were pasted at the top of each pole. coupled with hired halogen lights, the stickers give the pavilion the desired glowing effect. The colors and lights capture the festive atmosphere of the occasion.

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