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Mountain House | Chiba, Japan | 2014

Mountain House | Chiba, Japan | 2014

Architects: KINO architects
Client: Withheld
Contractor: Ajiro Corporation
Photographer: Daici Ano

The weekend house in the mountain of Chiba prefecture, Site was surrounding by green contour mountains and blue sky by the vague natural shape. Among the independent natural site, the building can plan freely anywhere. This site has magnificent landscape so, if we consider only in side condition, we might get great condition at anywhere any shape in this site.

Under such environment, it become a site of the weekend house. Owner which live with convenient environment in the city in weekday want to enjoy with natural life by this weekend house in a weekend. Of course, it is necessary to planning this building to connect the diverse relationships with the nature. To playing, eating, and sleeping with nature.
To make this possible, the architecture must be design to connect and relate with nature rather than just only confronting to the nature.  At first, we made 4 garden by crossed wall in fully surrounded nature and displace the cross from the north-south axis, this is for considering the natural light.
Each garden is surrounded by wall two sides and another two sides face to the nature. Site has been spreading to four garden corner by the cross of building mass, and it has been the vaguely area between garden and nature.
Furthermore, necessary rooms are paid out into the building and connecting with the nature through each gardens of the house.
The center of site which cross area of building mass, which is located in the middle of the site, we have created living place that leads to the weekend life with the nature.
The architects aimed that the house can support a happy relationship between nature and human, not only tent or shelter that protect themselves firmly from nature.

Mountain House
Mountain House


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