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URBAN PRODUCTION 4.0 | Berlin, Germany | 2017

URBAN PRODUCTION 4.0 | Berlin, Germany | 2017 

Architects: LAVA Laboratory for Visionary Architecture Berlin GmbH 
Client: Withheld 

The project is a vision for a modern productive working environment which further can be described as the transformation into “Industry 4.0.”

The design embodies innovation, inspiration, precision and responsibility, made visible through its iconographic, sustainable architectural concept.

Urban design principals integrate city and workplace, which offers quality work-life and a flexibility for future developments within the city.

The masterplan acts as a network in which four atria are arranged around the inner avenue, “Broadway”, which connects all public entrances to their respective zones.

These atria are connected each at different heights to public and office zones.

With all the various zones visible from both inside and outside, there becomes a common feeling of interactive, collective productivity.

All design features are based on future work-methods and technological development: - Its iconic, radiating architectural language rationalized through specific programmatic connection points.

A diverse organization of public areas with working zones which are distributed according to specific required daylight parameters.

A transition from urban entrances into a green oasis has high transparency and allows for visibility of the internal operations.

A mobility hub offering the surrounding area a connection point to various transportation modes–where electric vehicles, bikes, buses and pedestrians are provided a place for exchange. 

urban production

urban production

urban production

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